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The market is the property of the city of Riga. Its renovation was funded from private investments. When the restoration of the historic pavilion of the Āgenskalns Market began, three companies responded without hesitation – their values prompted these businesses to support this ambitious restoration project.

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“Schwenk Latvija”, underlining the idea of heritage and long-lasting construction, provided special concrete for the floor of the historic pavilion, thus literally creating a strong foundation for the market’s future.

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The brand “Hammerite” provided an excellent solution for the restoration and long-term protection of the impressive metal structures of the Āgenskalns Market pavilion – “Hammerite” paints are a shield that protects the restored metal structures from rust and makes the renovation last.

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“Swedbank” inspired and supported establishment of educational and cooperation platform “Youth Station”– “Jauniešu stacija”, – a place where interaction takes place, merging culture, science and business. “Swedbank” opened a public book exchange shelf on the 2nd floor of the market, which is popular amongst market visitors.

In the public environment of Latvia, Āgenskalns Market is a unique example, when a private investor has invested in a historical property of the Riga City Council, which is also a cultural monument of national importance, with the condition of maintaining the functioning market and sustaining the cultural environment therein.



Theatre company “Kvadrifrons”, Riga Circus, Pārdaugava Creative Centre and Foundation “Initium”, National Library of Latvia, “Kuš! Comics” illustrators, Ascendum, publishing houses, RigaTechGirls, Āgenskalns neighbourhood association and others, educational institutions – Art Academy of Latvia, Riga Stradiņš University, RISEBA, Riga Technical University, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Latvian Academy of Arts, Pāvuls Jurjāns Music School, Riga Cathedral Choir School, and many more.



From 2020 to 2025, the IN-HABIT project of the EU programme “Horizon 2020” is implemented in Āgenskalns Market. The project aims to promote inclusive health and well-being in the neighbourhood through the market as its centre. The project has four directions: a co-creation kitchen (creation of an open kitchen in the Āgenskalns Market to hold master classes and workshops on healthy nutrition and sustainability), improvement of the market territory and its adaptation to different audiences, waste reduction and e-commerce solutions.

From 8 to 10 June (year 2023), Āgenskalns Market participated in the International Public Market Conference in Toronto, where markets from all over the world met to explore the most successful market practices, share experience and create new collaborations.

More about the event: the 11th International  Public Markets Coference in Toronto, June 8-10, 2023

SIA "Kalnciema iela" has concluded an agreement with the  Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, granting support within the measure "Promotion of International Competitiveness", co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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