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Open since 1898, Āgenskalns Market is the largest and oldest market on the left bank of the Daugava River and holds the status of a national cultural monument. From 2018 to 2022, the market’s historical pavilion underwent an extensive renovation and now everyone is invited to observe the impressive results after the restoration.

On the first (ground) floor of the renovated pavilion, farmers and home producers offer a wide variety of produce, – here, the customers can find both well-known and brand-new producers. The second floor is the place to enjoy a meal and drinks in the lively market atmosphere. The market is open daily.

Āgenskalna Market is an inclusive, versatile and environmentally friendly public space, hosting a wide variety of cultural, educational and other events.

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The total area of the market is 8300 m2. The market pavilion has ~70 food vendors on the first floor and ~ 15 cafes and bars on the second floor.

Several times a month, the market hosts thematic events and markets dedicated to a particular theme, such as the Potato Festival, Pumpkin Harvest Festival, Vegetable Produce Market, Georgia Day, as well as various cultural events, educational classes, workshops and live music concerts. On weekends and holidays, artisans and young designers, as well as home producers, farmers and other small producers from all over Latvia join the market. 

For several years, every Sunday Āgenskalns Market has been hosting the flea market – “Krāminieks”, which is a magnet for collectors of antiques, local families with children, young people, seniors, dogs and all those who want to give things a second life. On the last Sunday of every month, the 2nd floor of the pavilion hosts the fair of clothes, accessories and curiosities TURBO Vintage – here, everyone can refresh their wardrobe and home with original finds from other people’s accumulations, as well as collections of young Latvian designers.

A large second-hand furniture and home accessory store “Skandināvs” is open in the basement hall of the pavilion. The liveliest neighbourhood bookstore is located on the first floor, a book exchange cabinet is available to public on the second floor, and so is a shop of natural candles and carefully selected original Latvian souvenirs, as well as the shop of raw food for pets. The dogs are most welcome at the market.

Baltā Nakts 2022 Āgenskalna Tirgū Fotogrāfs Sandis Lazda
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Baltā Nakts 2022 Āgenskalna Tirgū Fotogrāfs Sandis Lazda


The market bustles with diverse and contemporary cultural life – concerts, festivals, creative workshops, discussions, festivals, exhibitions and other events. Āgenskalns Market is an inclusive, versatile and open cultural space, assembling neighbourhood residents and city guests, advancing sustainable ideas and creating a modern, all-embracing urban environment. The market team readily cooperates with cultural and educational institutions, city activists and companies, as well as neighbourhood organizations and NGOs. Āgenskalns Market is always open to new cooperation ideas. A considerable part of cultural projects is implemented with the support of the Riga City Council.



Youth Station is located on the second floor of the Āgenskalns Market pavilion. It is an educational centre, established with the support of Swedbank Latvija – a place to meet the representatives of various fields, to identify opportunities for acquiring contemporary professions, gain knowledge and learn various skills.

 The goal of the Youth Station is to promote young people’s entrepreneurship, capabilities, purposefulness, environmental awareness, to provide opportunities for growth in an informal environment – to germinate cooperation and start initiatives innovatively, connecting the existing achievements to form unique composites.



On the 2nd floor of the market pavilion is located Co-creation Kitchen "RE CEP TE". It offers many opportunities to learn to cook healthy dishes, to become acquainted with innovations in the sphere of food, to master local and foreign culinary heritage, to hold educational and entertainment events, as well as to test new business ideas.

The project is implemented with the support of "IN-HABIT" project of the EU programme “Horizon 2020”.



Built in 1893, the Āgenskalns Market pavilion by the architect Reinhold Schmaeling is a unique example of the rational Art Nouveau style of the early 20th century with red brick external walls, decorative plastered areas, expressive vertical window openings and decorative chimneys. The cultural and historical value of the edifice was highlighted in the renovation, focusing on the original construction period, while integrating into the building details that ensure modern functionality both visually and technically. In order to preserve the sense of spaciousness that makes the public space particularly attractive, the second floor level was not built over. Instead, its authentic layout was preserved, dismantling and removing only the strata of the 20th and 21st century.

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The historical pavilion of Āgenskalns Market was closed in January 2018 and its condition was assessed as critical. The restoration continued over 4 years and is still ongoing. In summer 2023, a lift to the second floor and an accessibility ramp from the car park were opened. Many more tasks are ongoing or envisaged in the near future – improving the accessibility of the building from its marketplace side, equipment and landscaping of the outdoor marketplace, enhancing energy efficiency of the building, installing an electric car charging station, and others.



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